Ramp Up Your Recruitment for a More Effective Hiring Process

By Robert Half June 3, 2016 at 7:30am

With the economy continuing to pick up steam across the country, many organizations are bolstering their numbers with new positions or searching for candidates to fill vacated roles. If you’re one of these organizations, it’s time to start thinking about whether your finance staffing plan is still working as it should.

Experts say that to set up your organization for success in the future, you should locate top candidates before the competition does, while avoiding the costly mistake of a bad hire. 

Here are four tips for orchestrating your recruitment process so you can land your ideal candidate on the first try.

1. Hire a financial recruiter 

Specialized staffing agents are excellent resources throughout the recruitment process. They draw from their talent pool to find skilled candidates who meet the demands of your job postings and would work well within your corporate culture. Additionally, they’re often privy to passive job seekers, so they are able to tap talent you wouldn’t hear from otherwise. 

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2. Start planning  

To find ideal candidates, it’s important not to rush the planning stages of the recruitment process. Before you announce your next opening, sit down with fellow managers and really think about the skills and experience the position requires. Take note of what is absolutely essential and what could be learned on the job.  

You can streamline the process by doing these things:  

  • Create solid job descriptions for your postings using the information gleaned from your meetings with fellow managers.
  • Read over resumes yourself rather than delegating. You know better than anyone what is needed for the position.
  • Conduct phone and video interviews to narrow down your candidate pool.
  • Ask the same set of basic interview questions to ensure you have a basis of comparison for gauging responses. 

3. Don't dawdle

The market right now is candidate-driven, which means you don’t have months to hem and haw over applications when it comes to finance staffing. If you wait, it’s likely your competitors will swoop in and lure away your candidates. When you spot top performers, you should act quickly – but not rashly – to bring them on board.

4. Test the office waters

Bad hires can impact more than just your budget. They can also drag down office morale and productivity levels. To avoid this, use the recruitment process to make sure candidates mesh with the corporate culture. At the very least, set aside a few minutes on interview day so they can meet with the person who would be their direct supervisor. And if they’re really promising, bring them in for a second interview, during which they briefly meet with potential future coworkers to find out how their different roles work together to meet the organization’s goals. Your employees will let you know if they think an applicant will sink or swim.

Take a good look at your current recruitment process and make sure it works for you and the organization. After all, doing some legwork on the front end can save everyone a lot of steps later on.

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