How to Make Your Hiring Process Faster and Easier

By Robert Half January 7, 2014 at 6:13pm

If you’ve ever experienced the impact of a bad hire, you understand how critical the hiring process is to your business. You probably also know how incredibly time-consuming hiring employees can be. That said, if you aren’t putting quality time into the hiring process, you won’t get highly skilled finance and accounting employees out of it.

The process of finding great employees can take up to two months. Do you have that kind of time to spare, especially when you already have a full-time workload — or more? How do you manage all the additional work of recruiting and hiring?

1. Write a detailed job description that clearly defines the tasks, responsibilities, expectations, required skills and desired experience

2. Post your listing on multiple online job banks, then re-post as it expires or becomes buried under newer listings

3. Review scores of resumes and cover letters to narrow down a list of top candidates

4. Further evaluate each candidate’s potential by exploring their social media profiles

5. Contact your top candidates and juggle their schedules with yours to conduct interviews over multiple days

6. Check references, call former employers and review any test results for each top candidate

7. Negotiate offers and contingencies with your first choice and possibly your second and third

The answer is you don’t have to manage all that additional work, because a specialized recruiting firm can help.



At Robert Half, we’ve already done most of this work for you. We can help make your hiring process faster and easier in more ways than you might realize. Not only do we handle vetting the best candidates from our comprehensive network of finance and accounting professionals with the most in-demand and hard-to-find skills, we also streamline the interview process and help with the offer stage to ensure smooth negotiations. Instead of waiting (and working overtime) for two months, you could have the perfect addition to your team in just a couple weeks.

Check out our video, Hiring the Easy Way with Robert Half, and then just imagine how nice it would be to eliminate the stress and overcome the challenges of the hiring process.  


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