We Interrupt Your April Fools’ Day for a Little Office Humor

With tax season in full swing, only an April Fool would think this month is a joke for professionals in accounting and finance jobs. But on April Fools’ Day, we invite you to take a break and share a little accounting-based office humor. 

The stereotype of an accountant is well known: industrious, detail-oriented, smart and concerned with every last penny. Whether you fit the label, you’re sure to enjoy these cartoons poking fun at coworkers we’ve all experienced in one way or another.

Try not to laugh out loud — you don’t want to disturb the guy mired in spreadsheets next you — as you savor the accounting humor:







Benefits of office humor

Taking a short break for fun can benefit you and your coworkers in more ways than one. Laughter decreases stress and increases morale around the office and can contribute to a more productive, enjoyable workplace culture.

Allowing yourself a few minutes to chuckle at the day-to-day challenges of our industry could give you just the energy boost you need, especially when dealing with a stressful project, tension among coworkers or those ever-looming deadlines.

Go ahead, have a laugh

Many in the accounting industry spend the majority of the year trying to break the stigma associated with our supposedly dull, tedious and solitary field of work. On April Fools’ Day, it can be fun to laugh at the stereotypes, no matter how true or false they may be.

This April 1, how will you lighten the mood around the office? Let us know in the comments section below.