Thoughts From an Intern: 6 Ways This Internship Is Going to Kick-Start My Career

Mackenzie Burch

Hi, I’m Mackenzie Burch, Robert Half’s newest public relations (PR) intern! I am a recent graduate from San Jose State University with my bachelor’s degree in psychology and minor in business, and I’m an aspiring PR professional.

During my time here, I will be blogging periodically about what it’s like being an intern: my day-to-day job, insight into the field, and all the tips and tricks I learn along the way. I hope you enjoy Thoughts From an Intern.

Now, what’s so special about an internship? Well, an internship is what it’s all about! For college students or recent grads, an internship is the perfect transition into the working world. An internship gives you the opportunity to get your foot in the door, gain experience and confidence in your chosen field, and build your resume — all while (hopefully) getting paid.

But be mindful going into this position. You want to take an internship that will truly give you experience, not turn you into the office barista. In line with the recent Mashable article, “6 Signs Your Internship Is Worth Your Time,” I can already tell that my Robert Half PR internship is going to make for a memorable summer. Take a look at six reasons why:

1. I have real responsibilities.

My list of intern responsibilities continues to grow day to day, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It includes everything from proofreading the latest blog post and researching salary information to working on press releases, contributing to this blog, and any other assignment that comes my way. The work I do has value, not only for the company but for me. And I haven’t made a coffee run once! (Gotta love the single-cup coffee machine in the break room.)

2. I’m learning new skills.

Every day my internship provides an opportunity to improve myself, my writing, my communication skills, my creativity and my relationships. I already feel more equipped with the knowledge and insight to tackle the PR field and the inevitable job search down the road.

3. My coworkers are mentors.

The unique thing about working for Robert Half is that the company has seven staffing divisions, and I have the ability to work with the PR manager for each line of business. What does this mean? I have not one, but seven teams that genuinely care about fostering my ability and providing constant feedback to guide my professional path. I am consistently encouraged and challenged to prove myself.

4. I’m treated with respect.

Never once have I been referred to as “the intern.” I am more than just a face in the office; I make beneficial contributions to the team. The culture here promotes expressing opinions and, more importantly, really makes me feel like I belong. Not only did the senior director of communications strategy take me to lunch, but our Chairman and CEO, Max Messmer, also stopped by my cubicle and personally introduced himself! Not many interns have those types of opportunities.

5. My work makes me giddy.

I look forward to coming into work every day, because every day is different. Not only am I constantly working on meaningful projects, brainstorming new ideas and formulating my plan of attack for the next day, but I leave hungry for new information. I will tell anyone who wants to listen about my internship and that this is exactly how I want to be spending my summer.

6. My internship offers perks.

Finally, what better perk is there than working for one of FORTUNE® magazine's “Most Admired Companies” while feeling constantly enriched and motivated to try your best? And getting paid, of course!

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at Robert Half? Meet more of our great people and read what their experiences have been like! I chose this internship over a full-time position and haven’t regretted it for a second, but that’s for another post. Until next time, bloggers!

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