The Resume Objective is Dead. Long Live the Resume Objective!

Resume Objective is Dead

It was once considered absolutely necessary to open your resume with an objective statement. Nowadays, many career experts feel the resume objective is no longer needed, and advise replacing it with a professional summary. Does this mean the resume objective is obsolete? Not necessarily.

The resume objective still has a place, but is no longer the universal opener it once was. So how do you know how to use it most effectively? Here are four tips on mastering the resume objective:

1. Remember objectives are for amateurs (and that’s not a bad thing). 

Objectively (pun intended), the best time to use a resume objective is when you don’t have a lot to put in a professional summary. If you’re a recent graduate or just entering an industry, trying to create a summary can be difficult, and even counterproductive. A simple and succinct objective statement will likely serve you better, as it will draw attention to your desire to join the hiring manager’s team.

2. Take the objective statement seriously.

Stick to the facts with the objective statement. Candidates who try too hard to be cute or clever tend to rub time-strapped hiring managers the wrong way.

3. Do more than the minimum.

A resume objective that only states “I would like a job in [insert industry here]” doesn’t tell an employer that you want the job. It tells them that you have little creativity and will likely do the bare minimum of the work assigned to you. Make sure you put some thought and effort into the objective statement because it will inform how — and if — the hiring manager reads the rest of your resume.

4. Tailor it.

Make sure that your objective statement lines up with the specific role you’re seeking. Just as you should do with your cover letter and the rest of your resume, tailor your message. Craft an objective that’s highly targeted to the role you’re seeking. Don’t just show you want a job, let the employer know how much you want this job.

What are your thoughts on the resume objective?

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