The People Factor: Doing Rewarding Work at Robert Half

For nearly eight years, I have held the unique position of editor-in-chief of the Robert Half employee magazine, Half Times. During that time, I have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of our employees about their roles with us. I’ve also heard them describe why they consider what they do each day to be rewarding work.

Relationships Lead to Rewarding Work

Being in the relationship business is personal. We build relationships with the businesses we serve and the people for whom we find jobs. And that makes for rewarding work.

It is always inspiring to me how that passion for helping people is such a driving factor for our staff. Here are some snippets from recent conversations I’ve had that really drive this point home.

Take senior district director Pam Miller. As she told me, “I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping people and focusing on the fact that we can change their lives for the better.”

Twenty-five-year veteran Jim Bares, senior client service director in Cleveland, added, “I’ve learned that when I serve others well — in both my personal and professional life — my needs are more than met.”

“One of my most memorable placements was helping a candidate who had been out of work for a year,” said New York recruiter Jeffrey Kamberg. “She had lost her apartment and was forced to live in a homeless shelter. I was able to find her a job as a credit and collections professional at an engineering firm. Soon after, she was in a position to get her own place. A year later, she called to ask me to find her an assistant!”

A Two-Way Street

Just as our professionals have had the opportunity to significantly impact people’s lives, so, too, have they been touched by Robert Half clients and candidates.

“This business has allowed me to meet some remarkable people,” senior resource manager Rob Gardner of Oakland, Calif., told me recently. “One such client suffered memory loss after a significant head injury. The way he fought back was inspiring, so much so I nominated him for the Financial Executive of the Year Award.”

Daily Inspiration

It’s hard not to be inspired by these types of stories. I’ll leave you with thoughts from two of our senior leaders, who could not have summed things up any better.

“One of my childhood dreams was to be a philanthropist,” shared senior district director Susan Cheedle. “But the nature of the business at Robert Half is to help people. We help people find work. We help companies find the right people. I feel good about what I do for a living. It’s a very gratifying career.”

Greg Scileppi, president of International Staffing Operations, echoed Susan’s thoughts: “Today’s speed of information is incredible. That said, I have never seen a computer or smartphone make a placement. This is, and will always remain, a people business. And I love what I do!”

Want to know more about the rewarding work at Robert Half? Read the career profiles of some of our team members from around the world. Share your comments below about how your work is rewarding to you.

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