Workplace Trends That Will Impact Your Tech Job

By Robert Half December 23, 2014 at 3:00pm

The New Year is a time for many of us to consider our goals for the coming year, and career goals often top those resolution lists.

A recent article about workplace trends for tech pros might help you look a little further into the future when you consider those career goals. The author, Robert Half Technology's senior executive director, John Reed, talks about some of the changes in the tech industry we could see in the near future, including:

  • Labor shortages. It's already a candidate's market in many areas of tech, but that trend could become more pronounced as more baby boomers retire (many stayed in the workforce through the recession to wait for their retirements portfolios to rebound). In addition, there are low numbers of computer science graduates to fill tech jobs.

  • Cloud technology impacting IT departments. While the cloud has enabled some IT departments to get by with fewer employees, with the market generating $100 billion a year, there will be demand for more cloud software employees, as well as experts in cyber security and data protection.

  • More mobile. The move to mobile continues to create new jobs for IT pros. Reed predicts tools like CRM and ERP, both natural fits with mobile apps, will help drive new ways of doing business.

  • Big data generating more jobs. Everyone is talking about big data, so it's likely no surprise that this area is predicted to create more technology specialists, including database administrators, business intelligence analysts and big data engineers.

What trends do you think will impact tech pros in the near future?

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