Top 25 Worst Resume Objective Statements

Cartoon depicting an employer reading a bad resume objective statement.

Writing your resume objective statement? It requires some skill and strategic thinking. Here are 25 real-life Resumania® examples that should serve as cautionary tales about what not to do.


How to Write an Awesome Cover Letter Closing

Photo of a businessperson reviewing a cover letter.

Your resume may spell out your skills, but it’s your cover letter that gives you the opportunity to convince a potential employer that you would be an asset to the company. And the final paragraph of your letter might be the most important — it’s what leaves the last impression of you with a hiring manager.


Resumania™: Motto Mania

Resume NoNo's

You’ve likely noticed that some people include a pithy statement at the bottom of their email messages. For instance, just below the sender’s signature line, you might find a personal motto or a quotation from a famous historical figure. While including clever catchphrases or inspirational sayings is generally fine for email, they don’t belong on your resume.