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Break the Monotony With These 4 Fun Team-Building Activities

Looking for ways to instill a team ethic, boost morale and motivation, or just encourage employees to come out of their shells? Then consider a few fun team-building activities from time to time. They’ll help you bring the group together in a lighthearted, collaborative way.

3 Team-Building Exercises for Accounting and Finance Staff

Periodic team-building exercises can go a long way toward cultivating team morale and developing employees’ interpersonal skills and other leadership abilities. Here are three creative ideas for accounting and finance teams.

Few Employees Waiting in the Wings

What is succession planning like at your company? See what finance professionals said when asked if another employee could easily step into their job.

New Staff Setbacks

We surveyed employees and human resources managers for insight into company onboarding for new hires. See the infographic for results.