Secrets a Resume Writing Guide Won’t Tell You

resume writing

Proofread your resume. Use action verbs. Keep your descriptions short and to-the-point. Any resume writing guide worth its salt will tell you these things. But here are some secrets you won’t get from every guide:

Think in thirds

Think of your resume as being divided into three parts. Now focus on the first third. When it’s opened on a monitor – and particularly on a mobile device — the top third is often all that can be seen. Make sure that section grabs the hiring manager’s attention with a well-written summary of highly relevant qualifications and experience. Don’t let your name and contact information or other graphic elements take over the whole section.

Customize and use keywords

Don’t create a cookie-cutter resume and use for every job opening. Instead, customize it to each job you apply for by featuring the skills, achievements and responsibilities directly related to the job. Use the job description for clues about what to include. Also, use the same language as the job description, when appropriate, as applicant-tracking systems screen resumes for important words from the job posting and job description before they they’re passed along to hiring managers. For instance, if the job requires Java, be sure to list it in your qualifications, if it’s one of your skills.

Show your growth

Prove to the hiring manager that you’re committed to constant improvement by including a category on your resume listing your training, certifications, publications and professional development.

List accomplishments, not responsibilities

Employers are less interested in your duties than they are in what you’ve achieved on the job. So instead of listing your job responsibilities in your previous positions, relay the impact you’ve made with the work you’ve done through data that shows how you have increased company productivity or revenue.

What resume secret have you found to be effective? What things aren’t included in a resume writing guide? Let us know in the comments section.

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