Top 15 Microsoft Outlook Shortcuts Every Admin Should Know

By Robert Half on July 16, 2014 at 7:00am

It’s always good to have more than one way of doing things, especially when carrying out administrative jobs. Microsoft Outlook shortcuts provide you with handy options and save time, too.

You most likely use an assortment of keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word, but do you also take advantage of Microsoft Outlook shortcuts? If you rely on Outlook for your daily email exchanges and calendar management, these Outlook shortcuts can save you from “mousing around,” helping you move faster while giving your wrist a little break, too.

Here are 15 common scenarios where your keyboard could be your best friend:

Microsoft Outlook shortcuts for composing email

1. You’d like to reply to an open email. Use Ctrl+R. (Mac users: Cmd+R)

2. You’d like to create a new email. Use Ctrl+N.(Mac users: Cmd+N)

3. You’d like to underline a string of text. Use Ctrl+U. (Mac users: Cmd+U)

4. You’d like to bold a string of text while in send or reply mode. Use Ctrl+B. (Mac users: Cmd+B)

5. You’re a little unsure of your spelling. Use F7 to make sure you look like a pro. (Mac users: Cmd+:)

6. You need to undo something you typed. Use Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace. (Mac users: Cmd+Z)

7. You are ready to send a message. Use Alt+S. (Mac users: Cmd+Return)

Microsoft Outlook shortcuts for email management

8. You want to forward a message you received to someone else. Use Ctrl+F. (Mac users: Cmd+J)

9. You’d like to move a message. Use Ctrl+Shift+V to get the job done. (Mac users: Shift+Cmd+M)

10. Your boss asked you to find an email that was sent a few weeks ago. Go to the search box by using F3 or Ctrl+E. (Mac users: Option+Cmd+F)

11. You want to set aside an email for follow-up at a later date. Open the "Flag for Follow Up" dialog box to assign a flag by using Ctrl+Shift+G. (Mac users: Ctrl+1 due today, Ctrl+2 due tomorrow, Ctrl+3 due by end of week)

12. You’d like to print an email. Use Ctrl+P. (Mac users: Cmd+P)

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Microsoft Outlook shortcuts for calendar management

13. You want to switch between mail, calendar and contacts. Ctrl+1 is for mail, Ctrl+2 is for calendar and Ctrl+3 is for contacts. (Mac users: Replace Ctrl with Cmd)

14. Your boss asked you to create a meeting request. Use this combination to quickly spring into action: Ctrl+Shift+Q. (Mac users: Cmd+N)

15. You’d like to see what your calendar looks like for the next 10 days. Use Alt+0 when your calendar is open to quickly get this type of view. (Mac users: Cmd+right arrow)

This list of Microsoft Outlook shortcuts covers the most common functions (a comprehensive list of shortcuts is available from Microsoft). For easy access, consider printing and posting these 15 Outlook tips and tricks near your computer so they’re handy when you need them. Before you know it, you might just be a keyboard master.

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