Tech Careers and Salaries in New York City

By Robert Half on October 18, 2021 at 4:58pm

Silicon Valley may still be the world’s leading technology hub, but New York is hot on its heels. Recent years have seen venture capital pour into the city, which now has the world’s highest number of “unicorns” (tech companies valued at more than $1 billion) outside the San Francisco Bay Area. For IT professionals weighing a career move, it’s a great time to research tech salaries in NYC. 

Unsurprisingly, these trend well above the national average — a full 40.5% higher, according to the 2022 Salary Guide From Robert Half. This discrepancy reflects the cost of living in New York City, with its high taxes and housing prices.

Still, New York remains a magnet for job seekers, not only for its professional opportunities but also its cultural buzz. Broadway shows, prestigious art museums and a trendsetting dining scene are among the attractions that give the Big Apple its “work hard, play hard” reputation.

Even the oft-cited downside of living in New York, namely its infamous traffic congestion, may not be the deal-breaker it once was. In the COVID era, many companies offer hybrid work schedules where employees divide their week between home and office. Freed from a grueling daily commute, hybrid tech workers can improve their work-life balance.

So, what are the hottest jobs in the NYC tech market right now? And what are employers in the city willing to pay to secure top talent?

1. Software Engineer

New York City Salary Range: $146,823-$206,886
Software engineers are expected to deliver high-quality, production-ready code in an agile environment. They collaborate closely with the product team to build new features and designs, coming up with robust solutions to often complex problems. These professionals need a deep understanding of at least one of the major programming languages, such as Python or Java, plus knowledge of API design and relational database management systems.

2. Project Manager

New York City Salary Range: $139,446-$198,808
An IT project manager works closely with designers, developers, technical team members and clients to ensure that work gets done on schedule and within budget. That calls for outstanding communication skills as well as knowledge and experience of project management methodologies like Agile and Waterfall.

3. Data Scientist

New York City Salary Range: $159,468-$228,313
Data scientists analyze data to find efficiencies and predict outcomes. They take everyday business challenges and turn them into quantitative problems that can be solved by machine learning and other advanced processes. It’s a role that requires knowledge of languages like Python and SQL and the communication skills to explain complex ideas to colleagues and clients.

4. Software Developer

New York City Salary Range: $141,203-$200,564
Software developers come in many varieties. Front-end developers build websites and apps using scripting languages like JavaScript. Back-end developers maintain the server, application and database that power the front end. Full-stack developers can shuttle between both roles. Common denominators? An ability to write clean, standardized code and familiarity with software development life cycles like Agile and Spiral. (See also job No. 9 in this list.)

5. Product Manager

Salary Range: $150,686-$217,073
A great product manager is both a problem solver and a storyteller. First, they analyze marketing data and cost estimates to find the best possible way to bring a product to market. Then, they use their communication skills to present a strategy and roadmap to senior executives inside and outside the company.

6. Web Developer

New York City Salary Range: $123,289-$184,758
Web developers live and breathe coding with a deep understanding of languages like HTML and CSS. Along with the ability to move quickly from project mockups to full-fledged software products, web developers need the collaborative skills to partner with product, design and engineering leads.

7. Scrum Master

New York City Salary Range: $113,454-$170,708
The Scrum framework is one of the ways IT teams apply Agile principles. Projects are broken down into objectives called Sprint Goals, and it’s the Scrum Master’s job to ensure the team has the resources and guidance it needs to hit those targets. Not all Scrum Masters have an IT background, but Scrum Master certification is a must-have for most employers.

8. Systems Engineer

New York City Salary Range: $130,314-$183,704
A systems engineer maintains and optimizes a company’s IT infrastructure to run client/server platforms, mainframes and web applications. As such, it’s an ideal role for professionals who relish not only software development but also getting hands-on with hardware.

9. Front-End Developer

New York City Salary Range: $107,131-$151,389
Fluent in HTML and JavaScript, front-end developers write clean, accessible code to make web and mobile applications user-friendly and appealing. The most talented front-end developers have a knack for translating business requirements into compelling consumer experiences.

10. Systems Administrator 

New York City Salary Range: $101,863-$149,633
Systems Administrators, or sysadmins, need to be consummate troubleshooters. They’re responsible for ensuring the uptime of a company’s computers, servers and networks and therefore play a crucial role in maximizing productivity across the organization.


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