See What Other Admins Keep on Their Desks to Stay Organized

By Robert Half March 2, 2015 at 4:02pm

Curious what other admins are doing to stay organized and keep up with their administrative demands? Read on to learn some practical tips.

Getting organized at work can play a big role in how successful you are in your job. If you're constantly losing things on a messy desk, it may take longer to get your tasks done and you may frustrate others.

We asked some leading administrative professionals to share pictures of what they have on top of their desks and what they find most useful to stay organized. Here are their responses:

PelhamDesk"The greatest organizational tip/tool I have is the notebook front and center. This goes with me everywhere in the office. It never fails ... I can be walking to get a cup of coffee and have three things asked of me. If I don’t have my book to write them down, I'll have four more before I return to my office. Besides, crossing them off the list when I have completed them provides actual proof of progress and shows accomplishment of getting things done."
- Debbie Pelham, CAP-OM, administrative assistant, Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC, Melbourne, FL




"Keeping the surface of my desk at work uncluttered and clear so it can be a productive work space is important to me. To boost productivity, I have equipped my work space with plenty of storage to help stay organized. I have also put systems into place that help me to remove the paper from my desk (i.e., tickler file, project folders, an ongoing task list to keep track of to-do's, etc.)."
- Stacy Leitner, CAP-OM, executive assistant to the city manager, Rancho Cordova, CA




 WantDesk"I always try and keep my desk clean and tidy by making sure that all incoming items are dealt with and filed as quickly as possible. This always helps to keep the workload at a steady pace and also helps to reduce clutter and stress."
- Matthew Want, personal assistant to the CEO of Marcham Publishing, Shepperton, Surrey, United Kingdom





PollumDesk"Never underestimate the power of utilizing a list. I use a single Post-It list every day to help keep me organized and place it at the bottom of my monitor to keep it in sight. Typically, I make a list of to-do's the night prior or the morning before my work day begins and categorize it by importance. As I work through my day, the list is always in focus and I mark it off with each completed task."
Stephanie Pollum, administrative director, Terrapin Technology Group, Sacramento, CA





"The files behind me are compartmentalized by team member/dept. I am constantly working with everyone on a variety of things. I use these daily in my 1:1 meetings and projects I'm co-working on with other team members. If I'm expecting something from creative, it's in their file and when we meet I can quickly pull all my notes on what I need to make sure we haven't missed something."
- Jasmine Freeman, CEAP, CWCA, vice president, Office Dynamics International, Las Vegas, NV




What are your tricks for getting organized at work? Share your tips below.

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