More Money: Find the Highest-Paying Java Programming Jobs

By Robert Half February 16, 2016 at 4:00pm

Java programming skills are in high demand for both enterprise development and Android mobile development roles in markets across the United States, so finding skilled candidates can be a challenge for employers.

Due to these dynamics, many qualified Java developers are able to find Java programming jobs in the areas where they prefer to live — and at desirable rates of pay.

Here’s a look at how location can impact the level of average starting compensation for Java programming jobs and overall IT hiring. :

Location and pay

The Robert Half Technology Salary Guide lists the starting salary range for a Java developer/programmer analyst at $87,200 – $149,330 per year. Keep in mind that the local economy and cost of living can affect compensation, as well as industry, level of experience and skill set.

Use our Salary Calculator to adjust these salaries for local areas.

Listed below are the five cities projected to pay the highest Java programmer salaries from this year’s Salary Guide, and what starting compensation looks like for Java programming jobs in these locations. The salary range for a specific market is determined by moving the multiplier’s decimal point two places to the left, and then multiplying that figure by the low and high ends of the national average salary range for the position:

  • New York City (140.0): $122,080 – $209,062
  • San Francisco (138.0): $120,336 – $206,075
  • San Jose (135.0): $117,720 – $201,596
  • Boston (133.0): $115,976 – $198,609
  • Washington, D.C. (133.0): $115,976 – $198,609

Don't forget that just because a specific area has a higher local variance number than other markets you’re considering doesn’t mean you’ll come out ahead living there. For example, while New York City and San Francisco have the highest local variance numbers, these markets are also very expensive places to live.

Also, the city variances may not tell the full statewide story. For instance, while New York City has a variance of 140.0, almost all the rest of the state of New York is below 100.

In the end, overall quality of life comes down to a delicate balancing act between your potential salary and the local cost of living.

Location and IT demand

If you’re actively looking for work, high salaries are meaningless without ample job openings. Robert Half Technology surveyed 2,400 chief information officers (CIOs). When asked about their plans for hiring in the first half of 2016, CIOs in the four cities below were most optimistic about expanding their IT teams. We've also included the local variance numbers and starting salary ranges, adjusted by location:

  • Cincinnati (97.5): $85,020 - $145,597
  • Charlotte (101.5): $88,508 – $147,781
  • New York (140.0): $122,080 – $209,062
  • Boston (133.0): $115,976 – $198,609

The bottom line: If you are a Java programmer, there are probably well-paying Java programming jobs waiting for you, wherever you want to live.

This post has been updated to reflect more current information.

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