Java Programming Jobs: What’s Your Next Career Step?

By Robert Half October 13, 2014 at 2:00pm

For example, enterprise computing hugely relies on Java. Here are some other Java programming jobs available and tips on how to get started in each field:Java developers often have a wide range of programming jobs options. With an understanding of the Java language and key concepts, you can take your career in any number of directions.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application developers are some of the hottest professionals in the IT job market right now. Because Java is the standard language for Android development, Java programmers are positioned to take advantage of Android's continued market share growth. It wouldn’t be a far reach to take a look at the Android SDKs and get started creating or testing apps. Mobile application development will only become more popular as demand for mobile apps increases.

Big Data

The field of Big Data, which did not even exist a few years ago, is a playground for Java developers. Hadoop, the most well-known Big Data system around, is implemented in Java. This open source system is the muscle behind sites like Netflix and Facebook, and its availability on Amazon Web Services means it’s very easy for you to get started. A Java developer who takes the time to learn to work with MapReduce, which performs data processing, as well as the rest of the Hadoop ecosystem, will be very much in demand. Other key skills to learn are:

Web Development

Don’t forget about Web development! It continues to be a strong field with Java programming jobs aplenty. Application servers like JBoss allow Java developers to combine their existing knowledge and tools with Web development techniques to build powerful applications. These skills will help you in combining your Java skills with Web developer duties:

While that may seem like a long list, these skills are not much different from what an ASP.NET developer or any other Web developer needs to know to be effective. To take your Java programming job to the next level, you’ll need to build on top of your foundation skills and take advantage of advanced learning opportunities. These three job fields are all expanding in opportunities and compensation and will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.  

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