Forget the Birthday Card? Forget Your Worries!

By Robert Half on September 29, 2014 at 7:00am

Most people have experienced the horror of realizing they forgot it's a colleague's birthday or a loved one's special occasion. This handy (and humorous) new book offers a solution.

It's your manager's birthday. You arrive at work and realize you forgot to grab a card on the way in. Do you: 

A. Write a quick greeting on a sticky note.
B. Pretend you had no idea and apologize.
C. Calmly take a book from your drawer and tear out a ready-to-fold card.

If you answered C, then you are probably one of the first to own OMG! I Forgot the Card!: Last-Minute Greeting Cards for Every Occasion.

OMG! I Forgot the Card! (HOW Books, $19.99) is not the kind of book you read; it's the kind you keep stashed in your desk for special occasion emergencies. Filled with 50 pull-out cards that you can seal with included stickers, the recently released book is designed to get you out of a pinch.

The handy, humorous and sometimes snarky collection of cards for various holidays and events is the result of a collaboration between designer Claudean Wheeler and copywriter Scott Francis. It was an interesting pairing considering one of them adores greeting cards (Wheeler) and the other can't stand shopping for them (Francis).

"As a designer, I wander around the greeting card aisle and wait to see what stands out visually, then I browse for what I'm looking for specifically," Wheeler says. "I think greeting cards have really changed and broadened their tone over the years. You can always find traditional, sentimental cards on the shelves, but now you can also find witty, ironic, sarcastic and even brutally funny cards."

The pair shared brainstorming duties, with Francis penning the lines and Wheeler crafting the visual look of each card. "Claudean was awesome about taking some idea I had and turning it into a visual," Francis says. "I was often surprised how close she could get to what I had in my mind's eye based on the crazy descriptions I'd give her. She's kind of a genius in that way."

Despite the ubiquity of ecards and Facebook birthday wishes, the authors believe paper cards are here to stay. "I think receiving something printed that you can open like a gift, wonder what's inside, and keep or show someone once you've read it is so much more personal," Wheeler says.

And even though she's a devoted card giver, Wheeler admits that she sometimes forgets to pick one up in time. In fact, both she and Francis have already given cards from the book. "You should buy a few copies ­– one for at home, one for the glove box of your car, one for your desk at work," Francis advises.


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