4 Factors Affecting the Pay Scale for Marketing Assistants

By Robert Half June 11, 2017 at 11:57am

Working as a marketing assistant is a good way for recent college graduates to start a career or for administrative professionals with some experience under their belts to explore a new career path. According to the most recent OfficeTeam Salary Guide, the average starting pay scale for a full-time marketing assistant is $32,750 to $42,500. 

Marketing assistants work exclusively in the marketing department. Along with basic administrative tasks, their duties include helping with trade shows and event planning, creating presentations, tracking budgets and expenses for advertising campaigns, and communicating with external creative service providers.

Many variables can impact the pay scale for marketing assistants, including company size, benefits package and current demand for the role.

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Following are four other factors that can influence the pay scale for marketing assistants:

1. Specialized skills

Marketing assistants are paid more when they possess higher-level or in-demand skills. Those who are multilingual, for example, can make up to 12 percent more than those who aren't. Individuals who possess industry certifications such as the Certified Administrative Professional or Microsoft Office Certification designation can expect to see as much as an 8 percent increase in starting salary. Advanced proficiency with PowerPoint, Excel or other software may also lead to higher base compensation.

2. Experience

There's an elevated pay scale for marketing assistants with experience. Although this is typically an entry-level role, employers do value candidates who have worked in administrative, customer service, promotions or even sales roles before.

3. Location

The pay scale for marketing assistants varies by city and state. You're probably not surprised to learn that organizations in bigger cities and urban areas generally pay more than those in smaller cities and rural locations. For example, the starting salary range for marketing assistants in San Francisco is $45,195 to $58,650, while those who work in Fresno, California, can expect to earn $29,475 to $38,250. The OfficeTeam Salary Calculator can help you find the salary range for marketing assistants in your city.

4. Industry

The size of the company and the industry in which you work as a marketing assistant also impact pay scale. Typically, bigger companies offer higher compensation and provide perks like training for administrative professionals or tuition reimbursement. And marketing assistants who work in the fastest-growing industries such as healthcare, financial services, real estate and manufacturing can expect to earn more than those who work in other industries.

Working as a marketing assistant is a great way to jump-start your career in marketing or as an administrative professional. Upload your resume and start your job search today.

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