11 Break Room Blunders That Will Make You Unpopular — Depicted by Dogs

By Robert Half October 16, 2015 at 2:02pm

Do you follow proper break room etiquette? These helpful dogs demonstrate the bad behaviors that may be causing coworkers to think less of you.

If you want to get an earful of complaints, just ask any office worker about the annoying things people do in the break room. It seems that many otherwise competent professionals just can't get their acts together when they venture into this office space.

Could you be making mistakes in the break room that are making you unpopular with coworkers? Here are 11 common break room don'ts to avoid the doghouse:

1. Making a mess for others to clean up.

Break Room Blunders-Messy

2. Stealing a coworker’s food.

Break Room Blunders-stealing

3. Leaving spoiled food in the refrigerator.

Break Room Blunders-spoiled food

4. Eating smelly food.

Break Room Blunders-smelly food

5. Gossiping too much.

Break Room Blunders-gossip

6. Eating half of something and leaving the other half there for someone else.

Break Room Blunders-eating half

7. Not refilling the coffee pot or paper towels.

Break Room Blunders-not refilling coffee

8. Bringing in leftovers to share with the office without explaining what it is or who brought it.

Break Room Blunders-leftovers

9. Not closing the refrigerator door all the way.

Break Room Blunders-closing the fridge

10. Burning toast. So stinky!

Break Room Blunders-burning toast

11. Not “fetching” your food from the microwave or toaster when it’s done.

Break Room Blunders-microwave

Don't let etiquette blunders affect how others see you! To learn the do's and don'ts of workplace behavior, download a free copy of Business Etiquette: The New Rules in a Digital Age.

A big "thank you!" to the Robert Half employees and family members who contributed photos of their dogs for this post!

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