Strategic Solutions for Common Staffing Management Mistakes

By Robert Half on March 24, 2015 at 3:49pm

With a resurging economy, the job market is improving. Specialist talent is limited, so employers are increasingly competing against other firms for top candidates.

This competition for talent may pressure you to make hasty hiring decisions. While you may need to move quickly, you also want to take well-considered actions. So, before you start handing out job offers to promising candidates just to fill a position, consider what type of staffing management plan to follow: the traditional approach or the strategic approach.

The traditional approach

Chief financial officers (CFOs) who use traditional staffing management often hire for positions based on immediate need and pressure to eliminate gaps in the workforce. However, alternatives to traditional ways of building teams can better help your organization achieve success.

The strategic approach

“Strategic staffing” means looking at the big picture. When using this method, you adapt your staffing management plans to identify how best to organize your core team and other resources so they produce long-term success for your organization.

Now, take a look at the following four common staffing missteps. Have you made any of these mistakes? If so, it’s time to update your plan:

Mistake #1: Hiring against a job description that lists tasks and experiences needed to perform a single role.

Strategic solution: Take a deeper dive into the needs of the organization and create a description that includes not only tasks and experiences that benefit a single position, but also those that can help your department meet organizational benchmarks.

Mistake #2: Focusing only on full-time hires to ensure there are no staff shortages.

Strategic solution: Not every job needs to be staffed with a full-time professional. Today, many firms rely on consultants with specialized skills to keep up with ever-changing business demands.

Mistake #3: Limiting your hiring to external candidates.

Strategic solution: Give equal credence to both internal and external candidates to determine who will best serve the firm in the long run. Hiring from within also improves employee retention.

Mistake #4: Basing your job search solely on technical abilities.

Strategic solution: While conducting a thorough review of a candidate’s technical abilities is important, you’ll also want to look for soft skills and character traits that will help that person understand and get behind the company’s key priorities.

Staffing strategically can set your firm up for long-range success, while traditional staffing focuses on the here and now. To ensure your company is lined up to meet benchmarks and carry on its mission for years to come, put strategic staffing into play before your next round of hiring for accounting and finance jobs.

How have you made your staffing management plan more strategic? Share your expertise in the comments.

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