3 Ways a Commercial Litigation Attorney Can Help Your Firm

By on May 12, 2017 at 5:42pm

Litigation is a growing specialty area that's driving law firm revenue and legal hiring. And according to a Robert Half Legal survey, 30 percent of all hiring by law firms and corporate legal departments to support this particular practice area is to fill commercial litigation roles. That's why hiring commercial litigation attorneys and other specialized legal talent is a strategic and necessary move for many law firms facing stiffer competition for commercial business.

Hiring professionals with the right combination of in-demand skills allows law offices to assemble lean and more nimble teams that are much more effective at providing quality services to cost-conscious clients for less. Competition for these professionals is increasing, with demand outstripping supply.

Corporate legal departments are, of course, among the clientele closely watching the bottom line. Relying less on the services of outside legal counsel is one approach to saving costs. But this decision can create the need to bring the targeted skills and knowledge of commercial litigation experts in-house. If your legal organization is contemplating hiring a commercial litigation attorney, here are three reasons you might want to follow through with it:

1. Protection of business interests

Commercial litigation attorneys are focused on protecting business interests. No matter what issue a commercial litigation attorney is asked to provide counsel on — a new contract, a compliance matter, an executive hire, a merger or acquisition, a patent dispute or something else — you will have someone who is devoted to providing timely legal counsel and protecting the interests of the business.

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2. Specialization of focus

Commercial litigation attorneys focus on ... well ... commercial litigation — which means you don't have to. Many commercial litigation issues are not routine matters, nor are they the only pressing issues other corporate lawyers on your team need to handle. In fact, commercial litigation can be very disruptive to the business, and a top-of-mind concern for executive management. Having a commercial litigation attorney on staff means you have a go-to person who is prepared to focus on addressing these issues so everyday operations aren't sidelined.

3. Expertise in commercial litigation

Commercial litigation attorneys help determine whether litigation is the right course of action. Perhaps most important, a commercial litigation attorney helps the business decide whether it is necessary to pursue a legal matter in court. These professionals can also recommend more cost-effective and expedient strategies for resolving disputes — again, looking out first for the best interests of the company.

If you're still unsure about hiring a commercial litigation attorney full time, or believe you only need to engage a commercial litigation specialist for a short period, consider working with a recruiting firm with legal expertise in this practice area. Hiring commercial litigation attorneys on a temporary or contract basis gives you the opportunity to decide whether your organization has an ongoing need for this expertise. It also allows you to confirm before you make a legal job offer whether a candidate has the right skill set and will be a good fit for your work environment.

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