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Which Resume Format Is Best for You?

Which resume format is the best option for you? It depends on a number of factors. Here are the pros and cons of three different resume formats.

3 Tips for Finding the Right Size Law Firm for You

When it comes to finding your place in the legal profession, one size definitely does not fit all. Law firms vary widely in size -- from sole proprietors to global behemoths that employ hundreds or even thousands of lawyers. While some legal professionals feel most empowered working for a large organization, others feel more at home working for a smaller boutique firm. As you explore legal career options, consider what size firm best suits your personality, interests and goals. Here are three pieces of career advice that should help you find a law firm that fits you like a glove:

Ready for Some Bad Advice? 3 Common Cover Letter Tips to Ignore

The challenge of writing a powerful cover letter can lead job candidates to search endlessly for advice. But be careful. While you’ll likely find some nuggets of wisdom, you may stumble upon a few cover letter tips that could lead you astray. Here are three often-repeated cover letter tips that you should definitely not take:

Opportunity Knocks: 4 Career Advice Tips for Legal Secretaries

 The role of legal secretaries continues to grow and evolve. According to the Robert Half Legal 2015 Salary Guide, legal secretaries are taking on a broader array of duties and supporting more attorneys than ever before. In fact, many of today’s legal secretaries work for five or more lawyers.

4 of the Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Prepping for a job interview? Here are four common interview questions you should be ready to answer. A prospective employer calls and wants to meet with you. Congrats! That means you’ve gotten your foot in the proverbial door. But once the excitement about the prospect of a new job starts to fade, you may find it replaced with a tinge of anxiety.