The Benefits of Working With a Staffing Firm as a Financial Consultant

By Robert Half on April 14, 2014 at 7:00am

Current economic conditions and the persistent demand for finance and accounting skills have magnified the many benefits of working as a financial consultant. Organizations are working with consultants to access specialized expertise on-demand and to augment the abilities their full-time teams. This means opportunities are available for financial consultants with highly sought attributes who can work on a project basis. In particular, firms are looking for professionals who can take on initiatives in accounting and finance and business systems.

But leveraging the benefits of the current job market isn't always easy — especially if you decide to rely on your own network and resources. Working with a financial staffing firm to consistently find the right fit for your skills is a much more effective strategy.

Finding more relevant assignments

Financial staffing firms have access to a vast network of employers looking for specific skills and talent. This gives you the opportunity to expand your job search to employers outside of your own list of contacts while looking for financial consulting work. The larger the network, the greater the chance of consistently finding assignments that are a good fit. Staffing firms also frequently hear about opportunities that aren't advertised, and their representatives can serve as your advocate in the job market.

They can relate

Consultants who work with financial staffing firms are enlisting the help of experienced professionals who understand what they're going through. It's one thing to have a third-party organization help you look for relevant opportunities but a completely different story when that same firm also specializes in your industry.

The people you work with at a financial staffing firm often have years of experience under their belts working in finance and accounting. This means that not only will they be able to talk the industry talk and understand your objectives and challenges, but they can also provide valuable advice and expertise to help you find opportunities that highlight your strengths and help you grow professionally.

An advocate for your skills

Staffing firms do much more than simply help you search for job opportunities. They have a vested interest in your professional development, which means that in addition to offering expert career advice, many of these agencies also offer training services that help you keep up with the rapidly changing finance and accounting fields. 

But more importantly, working with a financial staffing firm is like partnering with a third-party marketing organization to promote your professional brand. Going it alone can only lead to so many opportunities. A staffing firm is a way to enlist more people in your job search who care about matching you with the right projects.

The advantage of specialization

Because of its focus and the experience of its professionals, a firm that specializes in your field can offer more opportunities than generalist firms. Once you register with a specialized financial staffing firm, you will gain access to an abundant pool of resources. In addition to extensive job list databases for senior accounting jobs, interim management roles and consulting work, you can also consult a variety of research materials and sign up for e-learning courses that help you improve your job search and maintain a strong set of in-demand skills. 

Staffing firms also help you manage the routine administrative aspects of working as a financial consultant, such as obtaining access to health insurance and other long-term benefits. Additionally, these firms take care of the billing and invoicing processes and ensure you get paid consistently and on time. These agencies will also be of huge help during tax season when it can be tricky to keep track of a year's worth of consulting projects. 

Visit our Consultants page to learn more about what to expect when working with a financial staffing firm and start looking for opportunities today. 

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