Premium Audit Jobs: 3 Career Tracks for Internal Auditors

By Robert Half on May 7, 2015 at 4:00pm

Businesses today face an array of challenges, from adapting to rapidly emerging technologies to meeting increasingly complex regulatory demands. It is also imperative for companies to maintain robust internal controls. These dynamics are driving the need for more internal auditors, including those with specialized skill sets. Here’s a quick look at three types of premium audit jobs many employers are looking to fill:

1. Corporate internal auditor

Corporate accounting departments are seeking internal auditors with risk and compliance expertise. Many are willing to pay competitively for this talent, according to research conducted for the Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals.

2. IT auditor

As the IT Audit Benchmarking Survey from Protiviti and ISACA notes: “Worldwide, IT auditors are in great demand.” This is not surprising, considering how reliant modern businesses are on technology, and how many fast-growing organizations are pursuing IT transformation projects.

3. Internal auditor in financial services

The financial services industry has been in a period of transformation since the recent recession. The more complex regulatory environment means businesses must balance revenue-generating activities with the need to meet regulatory directives, implement new capital structures and manage institutional risk.

Financial services institutions now rely even more heavily on their internal audit teams to help ensure there is transparency and accountability throughout their organizations.

Many companies in the sector are offering higher salaries and more perks to recruit skilled internal auditors. Firms are offering similar salary hikes as their corporate accounting counterparts.

As employers look to fill more premium audit jobs, experienced internal auditors with compliance, technology or financial services expertise will be well-positioned to earn stronger compensation packages. And keep in mind that nontechnical skills are also increasingly important for all types of internal audit jobs.

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