Industry Snapshot: Tech, Creative and Marketing

By Robert Half on May 30, 2023 at 11:00am

Recent headlines about the tech, creative and marketing fields don’t tell the full story about what’s happening in each sector. Organizations are continually looking at ways to implement technology and creative elements to improve their business — and to do that, they need to have talented people with the right skills in place.

With unemployment rates still near historical lows, companies and job seekers need to understand the current hiring landscape and the trends at the forefront.

In this two-part “Industry Snapshot” series, Robert Half Operational President George Denlinger, answers many questions that employers and candidates in the tech, creative and marketing fields have about today’s complex and rapidly changing environment. He offers insight into the demand for skilled talent, the impact of big tech and emerging trends within these fields.

Hear what George has to say about hiring and wage growth trends for tech, creative and marketing in Part 1 of this special series:


And be sure to check out Part 2, where George provides insight on tech, creative and marketing skills in high demand, hot hiring areas, compensation trends, and more:

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