How to Use Tech Staffing Agencies in Your Job Hunt

By Robert Half on April 26, 2017 at 11:45pm

Chief information officers continue finding skilled tech workers to be a challenge, which is a big plus for technology professionals seeking employment. Many candidates are looking to tech staffing agencies for help in finding technology jobs. 

Not exactly sure what a staffing agency is and what it offers? Fundamentally, a staffing agency — also known as a recruiter, staffing firm or employment agency — finds job candidates for client firms. 

Whether you're a developer, programmer, help desk technician or other technology professional looking for work, tech staffing agencies can help you find technology jobs that match your skill set, experience and career goals. 

Choose the right agency 

Tech staffing agencies are not all the same. Concentrate on reputable firms that specialize in placing IT professionals. These tech staffing agencies have a large enough client and geographic base to cast the widest net for you. You'll be working with a whole team of experts focused on finding employment that is a good fit for you and the company that hires you. 

Look for agencies that offer career services and IT training, or can help connect you with Oracle, Cisco and other computer certification training programs. 

Know the agency's focus 

Keep in mind that different tech staffing agencies staff different types of technology jobs. You need to know if a firm specializes in a specific field, such as web development, technical support or multiple technology specialties. Do a little research before submitting your resume or application to determine whether their focus matches your qualifications and goals. 

Ask whether the agencies you contact place candidates in both full-time and contract positions. Many employers are taking the interim-to-hire route as a means of evaluating skilled technology workers on the job. Even if you're looking for full-time work, temporary engagements arranged by tech staffing agencies may lead to a long-term or full-time position once you've had a chance to impress the employer with your skills. 

Keep in touch 

Keeping the lines of communication open will go a long way toward helping tech staffing agencies find technology jobs that are right for you. Be honest and upfront with the agency about the type of work you are seeking. For example, are you interested in overseeing system implementation on a temporary basis, landing a part-time job at a support desk or working full time as a multimedia programmer? 

Consider the type of work environment you're most interested in and how far you're willing to commute. 

During your job search, keep your staffing representative apprised of any new professional developments. For example, if you speak at a technology conference or teach a series of workshops on web development at your local community college, your representative can add this information to your resume to boost your credentials. 

Finally, be sure to let your staffing professional know about any progress you make seeking work independently. With this information, your tech staffing agency should be better equipped to find the position that's best suited for your skills and goals. 

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