What to Do After the Job Interview to Speed Things Up

By Robert Half on April 5, 2017 at 11:30am

Your job application and resume are in stellar shape, and you’ve rocked every single interview. But no matter what you do, hiring managers seem to take forever to make hiring decisions. The problem isn’t you; it’s them.

At least that’s how 57 percent of workers who responded to a recent Robert Half survey see it. They said the most frustrating part of the job search is the wait time between the interview and either an offer or rejection. How long is too long? Of the respondents, 39 percent said seven to 14 days was pushing it, while 24 percent said three weeks was excessive.

When you’re excited about job opportunities, it can be discouraging when potential employers dawdle. The good news is that waiting patiently isn’t your only course of action. Here are four non-pushy ways to help speed up their hiring process.

1. Be honest about your interest

If you really clicked with the interviewers and fell in love with the position and workplace culture, let them know with a thank-you note. Before you leave that meeting room, tell them know how genuinely interested you are in joining their company. Employers value skilled workers who are also enthusiastic and motivated, and this extra step may encourage them to expedite the hiring process so you don’t get away.

2. Follow up within a couple of days

Managers are busy, and they may get distracted by other work after the interview round. To ensure you stay on their radar, send an email or handwritten note — or pick up the phone — to thank them for their time. Keep the message short and sweet, but do reemphasize your interest in the position. An additional tip: Add a relevant point that wasn’t discussed during the interview, such as how you’re actively pursuing an industry certification. New information could help swing the odds in your favor.

3. Check back within a few weeks

While you don’t want to come across as demanding or impatient with the company’s hiring process, it’s perfectly acceptable to politely ask for an update. If the employer is non-responsive or evasive, it’s probably time to move on. Not all employers have gotten the memo that they need to accelerate the hiring process, and sometimes it’s you who has to nudge them along.

4. Notify the employer of other offers

Managers realize candidates apply for several positions at one time, and you may speed up a hiring decision if you let them know other employers are courting you. The critical thing here is how you do this: Any updates should be a courtesy, not a threat. Simply mention that you are still interviewing and where you are in the process. This helps the hiring manager know up front what the competition for you looks like so he’s not surprised at the end of the process. And it goes without saying that you should never invent a job offer. 

Meanwhile, keep your options open and find temporary accounting jobs that are right for you.

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