Candidates, Be Aware of Your Job Interview Body Language!

By Robert Half February 12, 2015 at 1:10am

Meeting with a hiring manager? It’s not just about what you say. Your job interview body language is also important. Smile, make eye contact and maintain good posture to signal that you’re confident, poised and engaged in the conversation. Crossing your arms, slouching, wearing a tense expression, tapping your foot or checking your phone are all examples of poor job interview body language.

In addition, while some people try to establish rapport by using the “mirroring technique” — adopting the job interviewer’s body language, gestures and tone — this approach can backfire if you’re not subtle about it. For example, the blundering job candidate in this video took the concept of mirroring to the max:


Keep in mind that your job interview body language is just as important when meeting with a hiring manager online via Skype, FaceTime or a similar video service. Although the interviewer is likely to see only a portion of your body — perhaps just your shoulders and above — he or she will still be paying close attention to your posture and facial expressions. Maintaining eye contact by looking at the camera, not your computer monitor, is particularly important.

Watch this video for more video interview tips:


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