First Jobs Leave Lasting Impressions

Do you remember your first job? Or your first real step forward in your career path?

Maybe you've had many jobs since then, or maybe you’re just beginning your journey. Either way, a first job is a significant milestone for most people, and one that stands out in our memories.

My First Job

I remember when I got my first job. There was no Google. In fact, there were precious few resources to help you discover what to do with your career. I conducted multiple informational interviews in the hopes that someone would give me worthwhile advice.

I will never forget when I finally landed my first job at a local publishing company in Berkeley, Calif. I felt so excited to have finally started on my way.

Helping Professionals Start Their Careers

Recently, I spoke with Robert Half recruiters and staffing managers who help accountants and other finance professionals find work. Several of our recruiters have placed people in a first job.

For example, Norfolk, Va., branch manager Amy Holt mentioned her work with a recent graduate: “He was the first person in his family to graduate from college. He couldn’t find a job on his own, but I was able to help him get a temporary position. That led to a full-time job at a high-end property management firm. He said the job and company was a perfect match for him. He was so happy, and the experience was so rewarding for me.”

Regional vice president Lindo Gharib, also of Norfolk, agreed, “I like working with people new to the field of accounting because they exude enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. That feeling is contagious.”

Beyond the First Job

The best part of placing someone in their first job is watching them grow. Many of our most tenured staffing professionals have had the joy of seeing people they’ve placed in a first job become leaders in their company, including controllers and CFOs.

“I remember a candidate who came into my office for an interview, and his suit still had the price tag on it,” said Robert Half Finance & Accounting senior vice president Steve Fields of Raleigh, N.C. “I removed it for him, and he landed his first job. Over the last 17 years, he has gotten married, had three children and advanced through three positions. He’s now the controller at a large company and a great client of mine.”

Bill Hayes, a 40-year veteran of Robert Half in Boston, shared this favorite moment from his rookie days as a staffing professional: “I was asked to help a walk-in candidate. When I went to greet him, he explained that he wanted career advice. He was in his second year at Harvard University, so I put him in touch with a local company that had an executive training program.”

Bill continued, “Eventually, the company hired the young man, and he’s stayed in touch with me over the years. I’ve had the privilege of placing candidates at four companies with which he’s been affiliated.”

Steve added, “As a staffing professional, we have the ability to leave a lasting impression and help people on their way. We change their lives, and they change ours. It’s the greatest form of job satisfaction.”

Want to leave your own lasting impression? Share the story of your first job or advice you have for someone just starting out. Also, learn more about how Robert Half professionals help people find jobs.

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