Feels Like Teen Spirit

It’s been a long time since I last cracked open a textbook, and nearly just as long since I started investigating new jobs. But, in mid-November, I was brought back to those happy (and stressful) times when attending the Enactus Fall Leadership Conference and Career Fair in Anaheim, Calif., where Robert Half was a sponsor of the lunch program. For those who aren’t familiar, Enactus is a community of student, academic and business leaders who use entrepreneurial action to transform lives. No small feat for folks who also are juggling the dramas of dorm life, myriad extracurricular activities and busy social calendars.

As a longtime champion of the organization, I thought I knew the drill: I was prepared to zip down on the hour-long flight, observe the event for a few hours with my colleague, and then return home to my list of to-dos. But what I didn’t expect was to feel new energy for my career. Let me explain.

One of our executives, senior district director Brett Good, participated in a Q&A session about his career path and leadership journey, and he shared this story. In his pre-Robert Half days, Brett worked for a small staffing firm that had offices throughout the San Joaquin Valley. During a Friday visit to an office, he was handing out paychecks to the people they had found work for. That afternoon, a young family came in, and, when Brett handed a paycheck to the father, the father turned, beaming, to his two small children and said, “¿Niños, estás listo para zapatos nuevos?” (Translation: “Kids, are you ready for new shoes?”)

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Brett Good, right, presents at the Enactus Fall Leadership Conference

There were few dry eyes at my table, and I’m certain that story made a connection with everyone in the ballroom. By their very interest and participation in Enactus, these students and professionals feel that same sense of responsibility that their career choice can change a life. It also reminded me why I chose to work for Robert Half and dedicate my own talents to this field: to support and help people find their passion, whether through their daily work helping our clients and candidates or through community service.

The energy at the conference was contagious, and something I brought back with me (along with some Cars figures for my nephew). While the event took place just outside the admission gates to Disneyland, I’m fairly certain — at least for a few hours that sunny Saturday — the convention center was the happiest place on earth.

While you can learn more about Enactus, and the other organizations supported by Robert Half and our employees, on the Robert Half Careers page, I’d love to know what motivates you to work in your chosen field. Let me know by leaving a comment below!