One Bad Apple

By Robert Half on November 13, 2012 at 6:48am


A bad hire drains managers’ time …

What percentage of a manager’s time is spent coaching and/or supervising poorly performing employees?


… and employee morale.

To what extent do you think making a poor hiring decision affects the morale of your team?

Somewhat: 60%
Greatly: 35%
Not at all: 5%

How can managers avoid hiring mistakes?


Go it alone.

Think the Internet has all the answers.

Take too long.

Offer a low salary.

Fail to differentiate between must-have and nice-to-have candidate attributes.


Tap colleagues for their thoughts on needed attributes and competencies for the open role, and work with a specialized recruiting firm to find the best candidates.

Cultivate a talent pipeline by personally reaching out to your network and recruiting sources. Online tools can be valuable, but personal interaction is the most important aspect of the hiring process.

Extend an offer once you identify your top candidate. Companies that don’t move quickly risk losing good people to other opportunities.

Offer a compensation package that, at a minimum, meets the market standard. Stay current on prevailing trends by reviewing resources such as the 2013 Salary Guides from Robert Half.

Identify the skills that are mandatory and those that can be developed. The goal is to hire the person who is the best match for the job and your work environment.

Source: Robert Half International survey of 1,400 CFOs

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