Front-End Web Developer Salary and Hiring Tips Employers Should Know

By Robert Half on March 13, 2018 at 11:00am
In the ever-changing technology industry, employers across the country face many challenges. Chief among them is speed, especially when it comes to hiring in-demand candidates like front-end web developers — who are being snatched up fast in some cities.
“Many hiring managers don’t understand how fast the market moves with some positions,” says Lisa Maloney, assistant vice president and branch manager for Robert Half Technology in Indianapolis. “Experienced job seekers often have multiple options, and they frequently accept an offer within 24 to 48 hours.”
Employers can’t drag out the recruiting process. According to our research, more than two-thirds of professionals surveyed said they would lose interest in a position if there were no follow-up within two weeks of an interview. But 41 percent of CIOs we surveyed said hiring takes longer than they would like, averaging out at more than four weeks for staff-level roles.
Robert Half recruiters in Indianapolis and Minneapolis, two cities where managers find it difficult to staff front-end web developer positions, have some insider tips to help employers accelerate the hiring process and land the best candidates — and what companies can expect to pay for top talent.

Maintain realistic expectations

“Employers in Indianapolis face increased competition for developers with Angular and JavaScript experience,” Maloney says. But she encourages hiring managers to keep a reasonable outlook when it comes to a candidate’s skill sets. “A lot of our clients are also looking for marketing experience. Most candidates are developers or marketers — not both.”
In Minneapolis, demand for talent is very high, says Jessica Green, branch manager for Robert Half Technology. As in Indianapolis, competition ramps up over those fluent in JavaScript and Angular, especially if they also know React and Node. Many employers are trying to use referrals and LinkedIn searches to find candidates with the skills they’re looking for — avenues that can take longer than typical job postings to result in promising hits.
More resourceful hiring managers are finding the benefits of using specialized staffing agencies like Robert Half, which can save a significant amount of time and effort. Recruiting experts can quickly gather highly qualified candidates from their extensive networks, taking care of the legwork for hiring managers.

Look for soft skills

Employers might also consider easing technical requirements for front-end web developers. Some companies overestimate what they really need and won’t hire anybody but an idealized candidate who may not even exist. Adding other qualities to the checklist can help managers make the call on offering an applicant the position sooner if they meet a good mix of different criteria.
Maloney encourages hiring managers to look for candidates with strong soft skills — often a sign of a professional’s versatility and capacity to collaborate with colleagues and clients. “Customer-facing skills and the ability to communicate solutions in nontechnical terms are signs of a strong candidate,” she says.
Green echoes that sentiment. “Front-end web developer roles are much more business-facing than back-end positions,” she says. “Look for candidates with the soft skills to work well with marketing teams and clients.”

Offer competitive compensation

Salary remains an important part of the hiring equation. Employers must ensure compensation is suited to the market and the candidate’s experience to avoid stalling at the finish line.
The midpoint front-end web developer salary in Indianapolis sits at $70,568. Maloney says that employers should offer higher compensation to candidates with “experience working in diverse environments, the ability to work with customers to execute a plan and a portfolio demonstrating proof of work.” For these candidates or those with additional in-demand skills or certifications, salaries can reach higher tiers and push or even exceed $100,000.
Jason Mellum, division director for Robert Half in Minneapolis, also urges employers to pay well for experience. In Minneapolis, the midpoint front-end web developer salary is $77,843. “Certain factors — including the project, size of the company, location and industry — can increase compensation,” Mellum adds. Higher ranges here can also approach or surpass $100,000.
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