Did You Catch These 5 Career Lessons From the Golden Globes?

Career Lessons From the Golden Globes

Are you one of the millions of viewers who watched the 2015 Golden Globe Awards on TV? Of course, it’s fun to comment on what the celebrities are wearing and root for your favorite movies and shows. But if you paid close attention, you may have noticed that the event offered more than just entertainment.

By watching Hollywood’s glitterati accept and present awards, you could glean valuable career lessons that can help you advance professionally and succeed in the workplace. Here are five from yesterday’s event:

1. Get to the point — and stay there

Celebrity moment: Billy Bob Thornton, building on many years of public gaffes that have garnered him some less-than-stellar press, kept his acceptance speech short and sweet. Just a few brief sentences, and he was off the stage.

Career lesson: There’s no doubt the Golden Globe’s schedule-makers appreciated Thornton’s time-management skills. Your peers will be appreciative, too, if you follow his lead. When leading a meeting or making a presentation, get to the point quickly. And stay focused. (Sorry, Michael Keaton. While incredibly touching, your acceptance speech was a bit rambling.) By keeping things moving, you’ll show your colleagues you respect their time, and you’ll likely find the group will get more accomplished.

2. Be prepared

Celebrity moment: Amy Adams said more than once that she was unprepared to walk onstage and accept an award. While her modesty was refreshing, her lack of planning was very noticeable.

Career lesson: In a Hollywood context, Adams’ oversight could be construed as endearing. But a lack of preparation rarely goes over well in an office setting. Schedule a meeting without an agenda or show up to one without thinking through the topic ahead of time, and your colleagues will think you’re not taking things seriously.

Patricia Arquette set a good example when she pulled out a handwritten speech onstage. “Sorry, I’m the only nerd with a piece of paper,” she said. Maybe. But her preparation clearly showed in the confidence and smoothness of her remarks.

3. Look on the bright side

Celebrity moment: It’s hard not to love George Clooney. His acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award was heartfelt, genuine and charming. Perhaps most memorable, Clooney reminded the 80 percent of Golden Globe nominees who would go home without an award that they were still winners for being recognized this year.

Career lesson: When things don’t go as planned — or as hoped — it’s easy to focus on the negative. But don’t lose sight of the big picture. Almost every situation has a positive element to it. Even mistakes you make can serve as learning opportunities for the future.

4. Don’t overreact

Celebrity moment: Immediately after her husband, John Legend, won an award for Best Original Song, Chrissy Teigen’s cry face went viral, and a new meme was born based on her awkward expression. Teigen could have easily been distressed by the fact that the social sphere was poking fun at her emotional moment. Instead, she re-created her now-famous face after the Golden Globes for all of Instagram to enjoy.

Career lesson: If you find yourself in an embarrassing or awkward situation at work, try your best to roll with it. As much as possible, find the humor and embrace it. Chances are people will remember your reaction much more clearly than the moment that spawned it.

5. Share the spotlight

Celebrity moment: Many of the Golden Globe Award recipients recognized the collaboration that went into the films and shows they were a part of. Artists like John Legend, Common and Jóhann Jóhannsson were eager to acknowledge others who were essential to creating the award-winning material.

Career lesson: Give credit where credit’s due. Being effusive with your thanks and your praise is a great way to build strong relationships with coworkers and ensure they point out your involvement in group projects in the future.

Did you learn any career lessons by watching the Golden Globes? Let us know in the comments section.

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