Celebrate Festivus by Knowing How to Complain the Right Way

Celebrate Festivus by Knowing How to Complain the Right Way

The holidays are upon us, but did you know that December 23rd is a day to air your grievances at work? (We have Seinfeld to thank for that!)

You just need to know how to complain appropriately. If you celebrate Festivus, follow these tips on how to handle conflict.

Decide whether it’s worth it

Before grabbing the Festivus pole, ask yourself whether your issue affects your work. You may realize that what you’re complaining about is simply an annoyance. If it is, try to let it go.

Talk with your coworker

If your issue does affect your work, you should try to mend fences. Invite the coworker you have a conflict with to join you at the Festivus pole. When airing your grievances, you should keep an open mind and listen to the other person as you discuss the problem. Don’t cast blame. Rather, give specific examples of the reasons you feel the way you do. Shake hands, sing a Festivus hymn, or otherwise note that the situation is resolved if you do come to an agreement. Discuss how to avoid the situation in the future.

Talk with your boss

Involve your boss if you and your coworker can’t resolve the conflict. State the problem as clearly and briefly as you can. No need to go on and on about how frustrated you are or become a tattletale. Others need their time at the Festivus pole, too.

Ask your boss for advice, but don’t request that he or she solve the conflict for you. You need to build your problem-solving skills.

Talk with HR

If you have an issue with your boss, you should, again, first determine whether your complaint affects your work. If it does, you may want to consider filing a grievance to someone in HR. But make sure that going to HR is appropriate (it may not be) and that you state only the facts when describing the problem.

Now that we’ve completed How to Complain 101, we can move on to the feats of strength.

If you have a Festivus pole at work, link to a picture! If not, let us know your thoughts on how to complain or air your grievances at work. Please share them in the comments section below. Happy Festivus!

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