Celebrate Blame Someone Else Day by Taking Responsibility

To err is human. But the mistakes we make at work can have serious consequences: You could endanger relationships with colleagues, frustrate clients, trigger legal issues or worse.

How you handle your mistakes can determine whether you keep your job.

Blame Someone Else Day is June 13. We suggest you “honor” this unofficial holiday by taking responsibility for your missteps.

Don't shift the blame: Blaming someone else for something you did is never a good idea. Not only is it dishonest, but it's likely to blow up in your face. By owning up to your mistakes, even when it’s difficult to do, you can diffuse the situation and maintain your integrity and respect. Your coworkers are more likely to view you as honest and reliable even though you made a mistake.

Own up as soon as you can: Take responsibility for your mistakes and admit what you did wrong to your boss or whoever is affected by your mistake. Apologize and offer a plan for correcting what you did wrong.

Set an example: When you fess up, you become an example of honesty and humility for your colleagues. Taking responsibility for your actions helps create a more positive and open work environment. Blaming someone else does just the opposite: It alienates you from others and disrupts the office equilibrium.

Learn from your mistakes: Don’t forget to see your error for what it is: A terrific learning opportunity. It may be painful at the time, but you grow and learn when you make mistakes. By coming clean and owning mistakes, you can change your behavior and do better in the future.

How are you observing Blame Someone Else Day? Tell us in the comments.

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