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Salary Negotiation Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Hiring Plans

Salary negotiation mistakes

The most in-demand candidates hold the power when it comes to salary negotiation. That makes some hiring managers nervous. And nervous hiring managers can make mistakes. Here are five potential mistakes — and how to avoid them when you negotiate.


Do You Have Your Copy of the Salary Guide?

2016 Salary Guide

Are you ready for 2016? Yes, it may be early, but you can get a head start by learning about the newest hiring trends and starting salary ranges for in-demand professionals in key professional fields. To set yourself apart from the competition in 2016, you’ll need to be on top of your game — and the 2016 Salary Guide from Robert Half is just the playbook you need.


Why the Salary Evaluation is Key to Your Company's Success

Salary Evaluation

You evaluate your employees and communicate with them on a regular basis to ensure they know how they’re performing in their jobs. You may even give them raises for good evaluations. But how often do you assess the competitiveness of the salaries themselves, both for current employees and for positions you’re trying to fill?