Industry Trends

How the Gen Z Mind-set Is Transforming the Nature of Employment

A Gen Z professional works at her desk

The influx of members of Generation Z into the workforce today is not only an important diversity issue but also a lens through which to understand the changing workplace, and even changes in the very nature of what it means to be an employer or employee. Learn more in this post from generational expert Bruce Tulgan.


Secrets of Successful Employee Wellness Programs

Employee Wellness Programs

From stress and obesity to smoking and cancer, health issues are a concern for most individuals. Many companies have begun instituting employee wellness programs to educate workers about healthy habits, encourage healthier behaviors and help prevent illness whenever possible.


Are You Still Relying on an Old Hiring Strategy?

Hiring strategy

U.S. employers added just 142,000 jobs in September, but the job market has still been doing very well since the end of the Great Recession. Employers that fell into bad recruiting habits during the downturn may need to update their recruiting strategy to attract the best candidates.


Here’s the One Employment Trend You Need to Be Aware Of

employment trends to be aware of

The demand for skilled talent is growing. Managers are discovering that, in order to keep up with this employment trend, they have to adjust their hiring and retention practices — starting with the salary and benefits they offer prospective hires.