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How to Gracefully Navigate Conflicts at Work

Conceptual image of a chess match.

According to a recent Robert Half survey of executives, respondents said one of the main things that keeps them up at night is conflict with coworkers or supervisors. Here are seven ways to handle conflict with diplomacy and professionalism.


7 Ways to Conquer a Bad Day at Work

Photo of frustrated worker at desk having a bad day at work.

Many things can trigger a bad day at work. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with assignments. Perhaps your boss or coworkers have infected you with their bad moods. Or maybe you're sleep-deprived. Whatever the cause, here are some techniques that can help make a hard day more tolerable.


How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

Photo of a man holding a frowning face sign.

Most professionals have dealt with it at some point in their careers: that slow-creeping feeling of dread about the week ahead and a kind of mourning for the weekend that is nearly over. It's called the Sunday night blues, and it’s more common than you might guess.