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7 Ways to Conquer a Bad Day at Work

Photo of frustrated worker at desk having a bad day at work.

Many things can trigger a bad day at work. Maybe you feel overwhelmed with assignments. Perhaps your boss or coworkers have infected you with their bad moods. Or maybe you're sleep-deprived. Whatever the cause, here are some techniques that can help make a hard day more tolerable.


How to Beat the Sunday Night Blues

Photo of a man holding a frowning face sign.

Most professionals have dealt with it at some point in their careers: that slow-creeping feeling of dread about the week ahead and a kind of mourning for the weekend that is nearly over. It's called the Sunday night blues, and it’s more common than you might guess.


3 Elevator Speech Examples for the Job Hunt

Two business professionals talking.

The elevator speech — everybody says you should have one when you’re on the job hunt. But what exactly are you supposed to say to make your pitch memorable and effective?