Can You Tell if a Company Is Committed to Corporate Citizenship?

corporate citizenship program

When considering the must-haves of a future employer, today’s job seekers often include a corporate citizenship program near the top of their list, along with a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits and opportunities for advancement. Here’s how you can determine if a target company really is committed to social responsibility.

Right after letting out a cheer, the second thing most people do after coming across the posting for the “perfect” job is research the company. Their focus is typically on things like the firm’s history, number of offices and financial standing — all important factors, for sure. But a growing number of job seekers are interested in investigating a company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen, as well. When we polled members of Generation Z (those born between 1990 and 1999), they placed “making a positive impact” at No. 3 on their list of the top job search priorities.

A closer look at company websites

Of course, we all know any initial research into a company begins with typing the firm’s name into a search engine and seeing what pops up. But you may need to dig deeper to really understand an employer’s dedication to good corporate citizenship. Here’s what else you should be looking at:

  1. Mission statement. Search for the company mission statement. See if it includes a community outreach component. This will provide insight into where the organization places corporate citizenship on their priority list. For example, at Robert Half, our mission statement includes the following goal: “Be a socially responsible corporate citizen and an active participant in the communities in which we live and work.”
  2. Social media. Click on links to the firm’s social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Most companies that are active in their communities will post pictures from volunteer outings, charity walks and runs or collection drives. This past August, Robert Half teams from throughout North America participated in our annual suit drive to benefit Dress for Success and other nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping low-income job seekers. Our Twitter feed featured teams proudly displaying the items they collected during the two-week period.
  3. Corporate citizenship report. Another item to check for is a corporate citizenship report. It typically highlights volunteer activities, partnerships with nonprofit groups, sustainability efforts and matching-gifts programs. Companies that have long-standing, established corporate citizenship initiatives and directives are more likely to publish such a report. 
  4. Awards and accolades. Companies that are active in their communities may win awards such as “Partner of the Year” from a nonprofit organization or be recognized by the local business press as one of the top philanthropic companies in the area. Chances are if the company you are researching has won such an award, it will be displayed for viewing on the firm’s website. Look within the About Us or Media Room sections to find information on any corporate citizenship accolades the organization has received.

Looking beyond company websites

Beyond what a company offers about itself on its website, visit the sites of your favorite nonprofits for insight as well. Charitable groups often highlight the companies that provide sponsorships, organize volunteer outings or have become official partners.

With all these research tips, you should be on your way to finding a future employer that is as committed to social responsibility as you are!


Download Robert Half’s 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report to learn more about our community outreach programs and nonprofit partners.