7 Ways You Can Make a Bad Day at Work Much Better

Make a Bad Day at Work Much Better

Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!

You overslept. There was no time for your coffee — or you had coffee, but you spilled it on your new shirt. You struggled to get your report done on time — and then the boss didn’t like it. If you’re having a bad day at work, turn it around with these seven tips.

1. Have a cup of tea … outside.

Tea lowers stress and helps you feel more alert and energetic. Make it doubly effective by sipping it outside: The great outdoors can improve your mood.

2. Stretch out.

Instead of fuming at your desk, go for a walk. It’ll help clear your head. If you don’t have time for that, stretch a little at your desk to help improve your circulation and flexibility. Doing so will ease the tight muscles that come with stress.

3. Tune in.

Studies show that music can help lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and improve your mood. Put in your earbuds and queue up your favorite songs when you’re having a bad day at work.

4. Clean your desk.

Clutter may not be the reason for your bad day, but clearing it may help you work off negative energy. Plus, you’ll feel more organized and focused when you remove the mountains of paper from your workspace.

5. Write it down.

Write down what made your day go south, but don't look at it again until you get home. Then you can laugh it off or find a solution to the problem.

6. Reach out.

Call someone you care about to take a break and clear your head. You don’t have to talk about your bad day at work. Focus on something outside work for a few moments as you hear a familiar voice.

7. Change your focus.

If getting bogged down with a certain project has caused your bad day at work, switch it up. Work on something else for a bit, and return to the stressful assignment later.

How do you turn around a bad day at work? 

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