Are You Selling ‘Small’ in Your Small Business Recruiting?

Small Business Recruiting

When it comes to hiring, think big and sell small.

Free cafeteriaEmployee conciergeSabbaticals. Do you get green with envy when you hear about the cool perks offered by large companies because you think you can’t compete as a small business? Do you have a hard time capturing the attention of the types of people you’d like to hire?

Battling with the big firms to find top talent may not be as hard as you think. Here are six tips to make the most of your small business recruiting:

1. Emphasize your firm’s awesomeness. The great thing about your small business is that it’s small. And because it’s small, you can really highlight your firm’s culture and personality. Is your business all about the outdoors? Does your staff regularly get together for team-building or social events to build camaraderie? Do you take a different employee out to lunch each week to solicit their ideas? Emphasize what’s unique about your small business so you can sell that to prospective employees.

2. Fish where the fish are. Some managers believe looking for potential candidates is a bit like fishing: You cast a wide net and hope you get a bite. But your small business recruiting strategy should be targeted if you want to find the best people. Hang out where the candidates are, both online and in person. Join LinkedIn groups and engage with your audience on social media. Check out Meetup groups that may be attended by the people with the qualities or skills you’re seeking.    

3. Always remain in hiring mode. Are you frantic to hire only when you’ve unexpectedly lost a good employee? Chances are you’re desperate to fill the position quickly and more likely to hire abruptly than hire right. A better hiring strategy is one where you’re always on the lookout for potential employees even when you don’t have an open position. Create and maintain connections, and you’ve got a potential talent pool to tap when the need arises. Even if you’re not a big company with scores of recruiters, keeping your eyes and ears open at all times may lead you to someone who’s a great fit for your company.

4. Take a test drive. Yes, a demo drive in a fast car is always fun, but you can also test out employees to see if they are a good fit. Bringing in temporary or project professionals to your small business gives you an opportunity to see how they perform on the job. And in the process, you’ll be able to tell if they are a fit with your firm’s culture.

5. Hire the best. You want your small business to be great. But you need great people to help get you there and beyond. Don’t be afraid to hire people who are smarter than you or who have innovative ideas. A go-getter with a fresh perspective might just help you take your small business to the next level. 

6. Promote growth and success. Make your company an environment where employees can thrive. Emphasize in your small business recruiting that at your company, there are more opportunities to wear different hats than at a big company where roles are more tightly defined. Every employee can learn new things, be hands-on and take on projects that give them invaluable experience they might not get at a large corporation. Job seekers want to know they can work for a company where they can contribute to the bottom line and make a difference.

What creative strategies are you using in your small business recruiting? 

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