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Build Your Written Communication Skills in 5 Steps

I can trace back the point when I started developing my written communication skills to Mrs. Begley’s third grade class. She asked us to write our own books that year so they could be entered into the district’s Young Authors book competition. I won! This eight-year-old felt on top of the world. I got to present my book at a special event. I didn’t know it then, but The Flood of Ice Cream was launching a lifelong love of writing and, eventually, my career.

Resumania™: Writing a Good Resume Means Writing a Clean Resume

Let’s face it, writing a good resume is hard. One of the most difficult things about the process is that it requires intense attention to detail. In fact, 76 percent of executives surveyed by Robert Half said just one or two typos in a resume would remove applicants from consideration for a job; 40 percent said a single typo was enough to ruin your chances.

Find a Great Mentor with These 7 Tips

There are many essential ingredients to a successful career, but one that people often overlook is having a mentor. These individuals can provide guidance that can help you in your current role and steer you towards a rewarding professional path. In addition, a mentor will often extend introductions to those in their professional networks, which can be beneficial if you find yourself in the job market.

One Bad Apple

What affect do bad hires have on your team's morale and your own productivity? Find out in this infographic from Robert Half.