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How Big Data Is Changing the Business Analyst Job Description

Big data is changing the way business is done. The advent of big data is breathing new life into the business analyst job description, opening new avenues of responsibility and corresponding increases in compensation for highly skilled professionals in the field.

Resumania™: Certain Resume Mistakes are Impossible to Overlook

While it is true that a single typo on your resume can damage your chances of landing a job interview, all errors are not created equal. For example, if you’re a strong candidate with highly marketable skills, a hiring manager might be willing to ignore the fact that you wrote to instead of too.

Strategies for Financial Managers to Retain Retiring Baby Boomers’ Skills and Expertise

Baby boomers may be nearing – and, in some cases, passing – the traditional retirement age, but chief financial officers don’t appear worried about their departures from the workplace, recent Robert Half research suggests. Perhaps surprisingly, given the size of this workplace population, nearly two-thirds of financial executives surveyed said they aren’t concerned about losing these employees to retirement in the next couple of years.

5 Keys for Creating a Killer Business Analyst Resume

Demand is strong for business analysts, whether they’re specialists in business systems or data analysis. However, if you want to get the attention of hiring managers, you need to make sure your business analyst resume fits the job you’re pursuing.