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How to Hone Your Soft Skills with Personal Development

You've heard of the need for soft skills in finance and accounting, right Discover the four ways to build those skills with a personal development plan that expands your leadership and communication abilities.

Change Management: Tips for Success

With company shareholders and board members frequently focused on the bottom line, change management typically starts and ends with the numbers. This kind of tight attention to the goal — and not to the people responsible for meeting it — often results in disgruntled employees, resistance to the changes, slow adoption of new procedures and results that don’t always hit the mark.

Hiring: Interview Tips That Work

You’re eager to bring a new team member on board. You’ve sifted through all the cover letters and resumes, and now it’s time to meet your top choices. Here are some interview tips to help you get the most out of your time with candidates.

Resumania™: One Section to Keep Off Your Resume? Hobbies and Interests

As any hiring manager can tell you, a good portion of job seekers include a catalog of their favorite pastimes on their resume. Hobbies and interests, the thinking goes, help candidates show their personality. But keep in mind that employers are more interested in your professional qualifications than your love of travel. When it comes to your resume, hobbies and interests often just take up space and steal attention from your skills and experience.

Retention Strategies for Finance Professionals

Recently, one of our client service directors shared a story with me about a CFO whose controller turned in her resignation. The CFO thought he had a good rapport with the controller and wasn’t sure why she wanted to leave the company. Now, he was facing a lot of unknowns.