5 Greeting Cards We Need for Our Work Friends

Greeting Cards We Need for Our Work Friends

Positive relationships among staff members are vital to a functional work environment. Sometimes that can grow into something else: friendship. But work friends are a little different from others.

Experts say you need three things to make new friends: proximity, repeated interaction and a chance to speak openly. That's why so many long-term friendships can develop at work, where people get a daily chance to see if they click with each other. 

Work friends can be a little different from friendships formed outside the office, though. With that in mind, we'd like to see these five greeting cards for those very particular friends you only find at work: 

1. "Thank you ... for not telling me to shut up when I vent."

Venting has its role in any job. It shows that you care deeply about what you do and that you feel a normal, human sense of frustration at work sometimes. It’s a healthy way of letting off steam.

We all need work friends who are willing to sit down over coffee and listen to us rant about the latest annoyances. If not for those outlets, we'd be venting to our family — so maybe you should ask your significant other to co-sign the card, too.

2. "You're a precious friend ... because you know how to work the photocopier."

Maybe it's not the photocopier. Maybe it's something tricky in Excel or the location of the really good pens in the stationery cabinet. Whatever it is, they've got particular skills and are always happy to help you out. They never complain, they never ask anything in return and they're always happy to see you. They're not just work friends, they're lifesavers.

3. "I think you're really awesome ... I just wish I knew your name."

It started with a casual conversation in the elevator. Now it's been years, and you always stop to talk to this person in the elevator. You have a bond ... but you never found out her name, and now it's too late to ask. You live in terror of the day when you have to introduce her to someone else. This is a surprisingly common problem, especially in large office buildings.

4. "Nobody else knows what we've been through ... We're like blood brothers now."

There are some moments in everyone's working life when you face a challenge like no other. A special project, an impossible deadline, a difficult training course or conference. The people who went through it with you are not just work friends. They're your fellow survivors. Other people will never understand the bond you share, because they weren't there.  

5. "You are a star ... Please never, ever stop bringing me pastries."

There is a fourth thing that can spark long-lasting friendships: Donuts, Danishes or other delicious baked goods. Those who provide these are instantly your friend for life. They definitely deserve cards of their own.

If you have good work friends, be grateful. It's nice to have friends in general, but having friends at work also creates a positive, cooperative spirit among the team. Why not spend World Friendship Day appreciating your current work friends — and maybe even looking to make new ones?

Are work friends an important part of your life? Or do you prefer to be a lone wolf? Tell us about your experiences below.