10 Tips for Enjoying Summer at Work

Tips for Enjoying Summer at Work

Do you set your screensaver to a beach scene as a way to enjoy the summer at work?

Clever, but you can do better than that.

Follow these tips to make the most of this summer while you’re at the office.

1. Dine al fresco

Locate some picnic tables in a nearby park or spread blankets in a grassy area by the office building. Ask everyone to bring a dish or have a cookout — or just enjoy your packed lunch in the fresh air.

2. Work outside

Technology today makes it easy for you to be productive as you enjoy fresh air. Working outside helps you alleviate stress and restore your focus.

3. Enjoy outside inside

If your job keeps you from working outside, open your windows and breathe in fresh air. Or at least open your blinds or curtains to enjoy the sunlight. If you don’t have an office window, take the long route to the water cooler to get a glimpse of some sunshine from another office or common area.

4. Go au naturel

Nothing says summertime like fresh flowers. Buy some potted flowers to keep at your desk. Water them regularly to enjoy nature right in your workspace. Or cut fresh flowers from your yard and put them in a vase to enjoy all day.

5. Dress down

Reach for comfortable clothes instead of business attire when getting ready for the day — as long as your office encourages business casual dress.

6. Hold walking meetings

Who says one-on-one meetings have to take place in the office? You can brainstorm with colleagues or bring clients up to speed while enjoying a nice stroll outside.

7. Ride your bike to work

Leave your car in the garage and break out the Schwinn. Riding your bike to work has obvious benefits for you and the planet.

8. Share fruits and veggies

Swap gardening tips and enjoy the bounty during lunch.

9. Play together

Spend your lunch hour playing kickball or another outdoor sport with everyone in the office. It’s great for team-building and office morale, as well as your health.

10. Select a playlist

Do the Beach Boys say “summertime” to you? Jimmy Buffet? Create a summer- or travel-themed playlist for your personal player.

How do you enjoy summer at work? Tell us in the comments section below.

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