Keeping Your Career on Track During the Dog Days of Summer

The old adage is true: there really are “dog days of summer.” And they’re here. But that doesn’t mean your career should take a vacation, too. In fact, summer is a great time to make the work improvements you plan on making all year long but just never get to.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your career on track this summer:

Build relationships. The summer is the ideal time to network and nurture existing relationships. Embrace the summer slowdown and dedicate it to building relationships, whether your role is a client-facing one or you’re operational and work mostly with internal team members. Doing so could not only lead to more or new business, but it could also lead to a promotion.

Build your brand. Another great use of time during the summer is to assess where your career is now, and where you want it to be. Decide what your signature mark is going to be within your current organization or what your course of action will be at your next employer, and begin marketing yourself as such.

Build a profile. What does your work history say about you? Does it say everything you want it to? If not, the summer can be a great time to take on new projects or a contract position. Get the experience you want by taking a course or gaining a new certification. Then, make sure your experience is displayed and searchable. If you don’t have one already, take the time this summer to create a profile on LinkedIn – or update and perfect the one you already have.

Keep your focus. Maintaining a strong work ethic this summer will not only increase your personal productivity, but it might give your office mates the push they need to have a more productive summer, as well. Doing your job with tenacity and dedication will force your coworkers to follow suit or risk being left behind.

What do you do during the summer to keep your career in shape? Leave us a comment below.