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Welcome to our 2024 Australia Salary Guide

Equip yourself with information about the latest Australian salary and hiring trends, plus a market outlook to support your business strategy and job search. The 2024 Robert Half Salary Guide features exclusive data and insights from employers, workers, and our recruiters in Australia.  Download the full 2024 Robert Half Salary Guide:


Market Outlook 2024

Throughout 2023, several factors created a highly volatile market environment for companies. For our 2024 outlook, we asked Australian employers and employees how they see their company positioned for the coming year on the following topics: Business confidence Retaining valued employees Ability to attract skilled talent Hiring intentions Ability to increase salaries

Perks & Benefits

Our Salary Guide provides an overview of perks and benefits that are offered by Australian employers already, and how these match the expectations of jobseekers for 2024. The comparisons are structured in our Salary Guide in the following categories: Benefits, for example company car, car allowance, fuel assistance Perks such as physical activities, mental health resources or employee assistance Insurance and pension programs from private health insurance to dental insurance

Salaries, Skills & Trends

What salaries are currently being paid for each position in key subsectors, what are the hiring intentions, what skills and qualifications are in demand, and which sectors are currently desperate for skilled workers? You will find all the answers for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in our 2024 Salary Guide for the following specialisations: Finance & Accounting Technology Business Support Financial Services Human Resources Marketing

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