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Preparing for an interview in the UAE Tips and advice on UAE job interviews - with typical interview questions and the answers hiring managers may be looking for. Thinking of relocating to the UAE? It's a great time for professionals who are considering moving to the Middle East, with the region currently experiencing a strong job market and starting salaries continuing to see large gains. Workforce transformation Learn how to leverage new technologies and digital innovations to help accelerate your business and career. Work-life balance Find resources, tips and practical advice to balance workplace demands with your off-the-clock life. Salary and hiring trends From negotiating salaries to the most in-demand perks and benefits find out the latest workforce trends and get exclusive insights to help you beat the competition. Inside Robert Half Take a closer look at the people, corporate culture and values that make Robert Half an award-winning employer and partner of choice. Flexible working Keep up with the latest hybrid and flexible work trends and find ways to stay connected and productive in the work-from-anywhere world. Diversity, equity and inclusion Learn the best advice around how companies and employees can build an inclusive corporate culture. Competitive advantage Discover the secret to preparing winning strategies to meet workplace challenges head on and position your company and career for success. The best situational questions to ask during an interview Ask your candidates these situational interview questions to identify their potential and find the best fit for your company.

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