Temporary Employment: A Smart Option for Savvy Businesses

Accountemps temporary employment

Change is constant, and today's most progressive organizations keep that in mind as they create staffing plans. Rather than react to changes as they happen, proactively assemble a well-chosen mix of full-time and project professionals to handle your accounting and finance needs. You'll quickly see the benefits of planning ahead. By building this flexibility into your staffing plan, you'll be better at staying lean when business is slow and expanding when seasonal cycles or growth in your business require it.

Take a look at some other advantages of making temporary employment part of your game plan.

Keep your full-time team happy

Bringing in reinforcements ensures morale stays high. A flexible staffing plan allows you to react quickly if you notice your employees have more work than they can handle. You can take some tasks off their plate — and make sure what's left plays to their strengths.

Making temporary employment a permanent part of your staffing mix can also help you increase job stability for your full-time employees. This is especially true for highly cyclical businesses, such as those in retail, manufacturing or transportation.

Access more expertise

In an Accountemps survey, 72 percent of chief financial officers interviewed said accounting temps help their organizations gain access to specialized skills when they need them. Perhaps you need someone who specializes in deploying enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to help roll out a new system, or you need fraud analysts to work with your internal team for labor-intensive projects. In these instances, when your needs are for a finite period, you could bring in a technical expert for the duration of the project rather than adding a full-time worker whose skills will not be required past the project's completion.

Handle large projects with agility

Rolling out or updating ERP or accounting tools is not for the faint of heart. These types of engagements require a significant investment of time and resources. With skilled temporary professionals, you give your business the flexibility to tackle big projects without taking full-time staff members away from their core priorities.

Save money

Adjusting staffing levels to the ebb and flow of business cycles helps keep your overhead costs under control. When you rely on a temporary employment agency, you spend less on the direct costs of hiring workers, such as on posting job openings. You also don’t have to take time out of your schedule to review resumes, interview candidates and conduct skills evaluations.

In addition, an experienced firm with connections throughout the accounting and finance fields can find candidates who already have the skills you need, thus reducing training costs for bringing new workers up-to-speed.

What's more, utilizing temporary professionals saves your company from paying for costly full-time employee benefits.

Make long-term hiring easier

Sometimes, it's not immediately clear whether you should add a full-time staff member or if the need is just short term in nature. With temporary employment, you can bring in a skilled professional on an interim basis and then consider converting the person to full time if the need persists. During this trial period, you can get a firsthand look at the individual's skills and determine how he or she fits with your team.

By converting a temporary worker, you also save the time you'd otherwise spend on recruiting. That can be significant. Case in point: It takes an average of four weeks to fill a staff-level position, according to research we've conducted. Better yet, relying on temporary employment may also help you avoid bad hires, something especially damaging to small businesses.

When you're ready to work with a staffing agency on your temporary employment needs, look for one that stays informed about the latest accounting and finance hiring trends and understands your organization's goals. You’ll build a fruitful, long-term relationship and stay ready for the changes that will inevitably come your way.