Salaried Professional Service for Accounting Professionals

A career as a Salaried Professional with Accountemps will provide you with competitive pay and benefits, full-time employment, and a variety of new challenges. You will work on engagements tailored to your experience, skill set and career objectives. Plus, you will have a dedicated Staffing Executive as a Career Manager to help you achieve the professional success you desire.


A Variety of Opportunities

Accountemps Salaried Professionals enjoy both variety — through successive engagements with a diverse clientele — and wide-ranging responsibilities through ever-changing demands and new situations, projects and business challenges.

A Full-Time Job

As a full-time employee of Accountemps, you will appreciate the advantages that accompany a position with a FORTUNE 1000® corporation. You’ll be placed on engagements, the lengths of which vary but are usually at least three months.


In addition to the enjoyment of increased work-life balance, Salaried Professionals receive competitive benefits.

Branding Yourself

As a Salaried Professional, you’ll gain specific experience that allows you to develop goodwill with clients. Your reputation as a skilled professional will generate repeat project opportunities.

New Skills

You’ll have the chance to broaden your knowledge across different industries while also learning new software and accounting methods on a regular basis. As a Salaried Professional, you’ll have access to ongoing career training to further expand your skill set.


You’ll benefit from meeting and interacting with your fellow Salaried Professionals. As you network with other members of the team, you’ll be able to leverage their experience and guidance when needed.

For more information about becoming a Salaried Professional, contact your local Accountemps office today.

Salaried Consultant Testimonials

"Job security is what really attracted me. It's like having the best of both a temp job, and a permanent job! I enjoy the different working environments."