Part-Time Accounting Jobs: What You Can Expect

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The accounting industry is growing, and part-time accounting jobs are on the rise. In some sectors, such as bookkeeping, part-time employees make up around 25 percent of the workforce. It’s worth noting that "part time" and "temporary" aren't the same thing. A temporary job can require anything from a few hours a week to a 40-hour commitment but lasts for a defined period of time. Part-time accounting jobs, on the other hand, involve fewer hours per week but can last as long as some full-time jobs.

Specialists at reputable staffing firms explain to both clients and candidates how best to maximize part-time employment arrangements. Part-time accounting jobs you've landed through one of these agencies may include a lot of similar elements.

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Here's some of what you can expect from part-time accounting jobs:

An orientation to the job

Just because you're filling a part-time role doesn't mean that your employer won't welcome you with an onboarding experience similar to what full-time staff members receive. It may go something like this:

When you arrive on your first day, your supervisor or the hiring manager will welcome you to the organization by first introducing you to the team. He or she will provide you with all the information and tools you need to get to work, including where to sit and how to access the Internet. There may be a formal or informal orientation session, when your employer will give you an overview of company policies and an outline of your duties and responsibilities. If you're uncertain about the reporting hierarchy, this is a good time to ask questions.

To make an impact, carry out the duties of part-time accounting jobs just as you would your full-time career. Try to add value to every task you accomplish.



Your role as a part-timer

Your tasks may be discrete and well-defined. On the other hand, the organization may have several areas where they can use your help. They may tell you about the things they need help with and let you choose, or they may start you in one direction and then modify your duties as your strengths emerge.

Make sure your coworkers know how to reach you and what the best times are for you to plan meetings or phone calls. If you plan to be available to respond to phone calls or email for the job only on certain days of the week or at certain times of day, let the team know so that you avoid email issues and other business etiquette problems.

An opportunity to make an impact

Remember, even though you're not a full-time employee, the company still relies on your dedication. So carry out the duties of the position as if it were your full-time career. Take initiative whenever you can, and try to add value to every task you accomplish. If you encounter any problems or issues on the job, attempt to solve them yourself rather than leaving them for full-time staff to address. 

Whether you're transitioning to a new industry, working through a career setback or slowing down for personal reasons, part-time accounting jobs can give you the flexibility you're looking for.

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